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Director - (01886190)

Min Salary: $90000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time
Listed Date: 8/27/2018
Degree: Doctorate
R&D / Lab & Field Operations / Project Management / Analytical Chemistry / Clinical Trials / EPA
Process & Product Development / QC / Molecular Modeling / Budgets / Compliance / Cost Control / CPI
Known as a dynamic independent contributor and team builder, I manage and execute ground-breaking R&D to develop experimental methods, then synthesize scientific data to effectively communicate analytics and results to professionals at all levels. Creating evidence-based conclusions to support meaningful applications, I provide research continuity and drive funding for future initiatives. My skills include:
         ? Designing and applying strong data collection methodologies to achieve research goals
         ? Managing complex research / lab operations effectively and profitably
         ? Delivering complicated experiments and projects on schedule and to budget
         ? Building, motivating and managing highly scientific and educated teams to deliver valuable results
         ? Cultivating and maintaining positive relationships with policy groups and funding sources
I earned a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Florida Institute of Technology, a BS in Chemistry and AS in Physics from the University of the Virgin Islands. Working effectively as a collaborative leader and independent analyst, my findings were published in revered publications such as Inorganica Chimica Acta, Dalton Transactions, & Water Research.
Brought division into compliance. Proper Title V permits had not been issued by the Division of Environmental Protection, threatening the loss of a $1.2M air program. Took on Directorship, realigning and training staff. Tackled Title V issue, creating action plan and passing EPA audit. Preserved program revenues.
Ramped-up quickly to lead division. Upon hire at the Division of Environmental Protection, dedicated nights and weekends to learn new industry and the status of multiple programs. Took on responsibilities of former Assistant Director, eliminating position and slashing overhead $70K.  Became fully integrated in new role within six months.
Created course manual. Historically, Analytical Chemistry Lab at Florida Tech did not use an experimental manual. Began running course experiments, documenting  purpose, step-by-step procedures and analysis’ questions. Developed manual, vastly improving first-time experiment success and leading department to publish manual for future courses.
Attained vital technical skills to save thousands of dollars. The Stopped Flow instrument at Florida Tech required an initial $6K fee each time it needed to be repaired. Learned mechanical functions of this and many other instruments used within lab procedures. Became subject matter expert, repairing equipment and saving $30K+ in one academic year.