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Process Quality Engineer - (02585502)

Listed Date: 11/5/2018
Degree: Master ChE
                                                       Engineer in Training
                                                          2010 - Recipient
                                   California Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
    108th AOCS Annual Meeting                      106th AOCS Annual Meeting                   Biodiesel Magazine Webinar Series
            2017 - Speaker                                2015 - Speaker                                 2015 - Speaker
Industrial Applications in Continuous             Continuous Enzymatic Biodiesel               Continuous Flow Enzymatic Biodiesel
   Enzymatic Biodiesel Processing                           Processing                                     Processing
            Biotechnology and Bioengineering                                                Biodiesel Magazine
                2016 - Contributing Author                                                     2014 - Author
Scale-up of Industrial Biodiesel Production to 40 m3 Using a               Viesel Develops Continuous Enzymatic Biodiesel Process
                Liquid Lipase Formulation
                                                      Patent Applications
                                                        USPTO 15/528,995
                                                           2015 - Inventor
                                              Method for the Production of Alkyl Esters